June 08, 2012

About basil.

 The plants on the terrace got a real boost, despite the bad weather
from last week; many of them started blooming and the Fatsia Japonica
has doubled in size since early April!
But actually I wanted to show you the basil trick I've learned from
a friend...

 you've probably experienced that when you've bought a nice bunch
of basil at the greengrocer, the plant dies after some time, even
when you've put him in a larger pot; that is because to many seedlings
are put together and have no place to grow, and you will damage the
sprouts by tearing them apart,

squeeze a few tips before you eat it all and put them in water,
they start rooting after a week or two and then you can plant them
in the soil, and that's it,
only have to wait for the plant to grow :)
I usually put 3 in one pot.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. this could be about brazil :) your photos are so south!
    thanks for the tip, i know one man who will really appreciate this knowledge :)

  2. Funny I have just been worrying about my spider plant today, trying to get it to propagate but the babies aren't thriving in water for some reason. I did a search and it sounds like they may be sensitive to the chlorine in some tap water. It's possible to rest them in wet soil...anyway, good to know about basil now too. Tx!

  3. I so wish we could grow basil here in the Arctic. But it's the one herb that doesn't fit in, it just can't make it here. Thyme on the other hand!

  4. goede tip!

    fijn weekend

  5. schoon groen terras en dank je voor de tip - zonde toch van die potten die steeds opdrogen
    we gaan dat eens uitproberen

  6. thanks for the useful tip. i will try.
    have a lovely sunday.

  7. I'm off to try , right now !
    I love watching things spprout roots ... and this sounds simple enough , even for me .

  8. Though spelling "sprout" obviously isn't .

  9. oh thank you for this useful tip renilde,
    i always have this problem you tell about!!


  10. And what is that yummy dish you are about to put basil in?
    It looks pretty good.

  11. sliced fennel, fresh and sundried tomatos, mushrooms, red pepper, pine nuts, lots of olive oil, pepper salt; half an hour in the oven,
    at the end I take the cheese and fresh basil, you can also add some black olives.
    very easy and quick :)

  12. Oh your plants look gorgeous!
    I will try that with the basil, thanks.

  13. dankje voor je tip, volgende keer probeer ik 'm uit, bij mij mislukt het ook steeds om ze in leven te houden, en ondanks dat blijf ik het toch elke keer proberen.

  14. Ik had speciaal Griekse basilicum bestelt dit jaar omdat de basilicum nooit houdt, en nu zie ik deze tip :) Ik ga het toch eens uitproberen.