June 22, 2012

Horn tree.

I wonder how this cute succulent will evolve and whether it will grow big, what its name is suggesting, I hope so :^)

Have a nice weekend all!


  1. mooi! maar die plant ziet er op deze foto al groot uit!

  2. Great photos :) I have lots of those succulents and they can get quite big, nearly a meter high! Good luck with yours - they are beautiful :) Kx

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  4. I have the same plant! I didn't even know the name of it but when I saw it in the shop I immediately liked it. It somehow reminds me of corals under the water... it's growing quite rapidly... :)
    Have a nice weekend Renilde!*

  5. plants and something to do with our hands- what more do we need?!!
    maybe some sunshine- it´s been rainy over here.

  6. what a lovely blog this is. thx for the idea for rooting the basil shoots!!!

  7. Sweet little plant, it reminds me of Shrek ears :^)
    I bought a succulent too but is a rose shape, forgot the name.
    My basil is rooting just fine, I'll be patient and wait until the roots are well grown before I plant it. Have a nice day Renilde!