March 25, 2010

On an average free day...

My favourite plan for the day sounds a bit boring,
but I like routine, it is a question of finding
back the right balance:
I get up late,
look after the plants,
go out,
work again,
have dinner with a friend or watch a movie.
Today I had dinner with a friend :-), went to see the young
goats in the park and finished two cushions that I started last winter.
The cute plant is a 'touch-me-not', 'kruidje-roer-mij-niet'
in Dutch; when touching its leaves or when it is getting dark,
they close immediately.
I took a photo this morning (first) and one an hour ago (bottom).
Have a look at its 'seismonastic movements' here :-)
I'm gonna close my leaves too now, Good Night!


  1. I love a bit of routine myself so I totally understand the simple pleasures here :) Isn't the touch-me-not plant just fascinating? I love these little curiosities in life. Have a great weekend Renilde. Kx

  2. we called the touch me not plan as " the shy grass "

    today is as cold as a winter day here, so strange, makes me wanna stay at home all day

    have a fun fun weekend, dear renilde


  3. ah routine, usually i long for more, at the moment i completely enjoy not having one.
    i got my daughter a mimosa for her birthday last week, she was totally fascinated, me too, hope you slept well and opened your leaves fully this morning for that amazing spring day which i hope you have too, like we have today in berlin.

  4. ik had niet gezien dat het dezelfde plant was, wel leuk zo'n plant die met je mee-reageert op het dagritme.

  5. Renilde, waar zullen je mooie handwerken te zien/te koop zijn wanneer Mieke Willems gestopt is?

  6. aan jokemijn: en als de blaadjes al toegeplooid zijn en je geeft ze dan nog een tik, dan vouwen de steeltjes dubbel; er zit een soort van scharniertje tussen!
    aan suzanne: ik ga waarschijnlijk zelf een klein webshopje beginnen, ik zou alleen hoogdringend nieuwe dingen moeten maken, je kan mij ook altijd een mailtje sturen mocht je geïnteresseerd zijn :-)

  7. These pictures are so cute, I would love to have a goat to play with on my free day ;)

  8. It's all a mindset. I love those little goats, I have a dream of a tiny farm with goats and sheep someday!

  9. this is so poetic renilde....I LOVE it !
    that you started your post with the leaves open and ended with them closed lovely
    I love my routine too ...dogs out for long walk first say hello to my favourite bits of the field !...... ..then coffee in studio music on until all back and chaos in house from 3pm !

  10. Touch-me-nots were a favorite when I was a child. my mother grew them in her greenhouse. Your daily rhythm sounds very good!

  11. yes, routine is good. for me and for the kids :)

    that plant is amazing! looking forward to see if your avocado will grow roots. i only managed to make that happen twice, then grow a tiny little tree - but both died when i replanted them outside. if i manage to do it again, i will keep it in a pot for much longer.

  12. your day sounds green
    would like to have that plant,
    would like to have anything green now-
    the amount of snow that is still outside-
    i wonder if it will be gone ever.
    all my little spring flowers have about 60-70cm snow above them.
    the only thing that is green around here, is my face-
    green with envy ;)
    see you!

  13. oh my god!!!! An auntie of mine had that plant when I was young, and I always wanted one!!! Now I know what they are called thanks to you!

    Your day off sounds lovely. I like ending a day with a nice dinner or a movie too.

  14. I heard you shouldn't try to get the leaves to close too often as it tires and weakens the plant, but I am not sure if that is true. I do love these plants..