March 06, 2010


I made some changes in my room to create more space;
the table is now where the bed was and visa versa.
I would be very pleased if i could find a larger and more
convenient appartment before the end of the summer.
Until now i sleep and work in the same room, so if one
could live from dust alone, I probably don't have to eat
anymore for the rest of my life :-)
The Minä Perhonen exhibition from last week really
revived my love for textile design and weaving.
That's why I was reorganizing boxes and looking at textiles today.
The circle design was made by a friend, painted on silk
by me afterwards.
The bottom pic is a silk top in the making, hope I will
finally finish it this year :-)
what about the appartment, any tip is welcome :-)


  1. Alway delicate photos from you Renilde.

  2. i can't love more that the polka dot and colors on the silk top you're making, and and i also work and sleep in the same space ( and i did reorganizing my paper collections just this week ! ), so same here i wish i can find a nice apartment big enough for my boy and i living together in the near near future :)

    happy sunday, dear renilde

  3. Ziet er weer allemaal zeer mooi uit !

  4. oh dat papier ken ik :)

  5. schoon renilde! ik kom gauw kijken naar de herinrichting! en dat bloesje ziet er ook heel mooi uit, maak dat maar snel af!

  6. Your photos are just wonderful and the way you describe your room makes it sound like a lego set that you can change around! ;) Hope you find a space you like more soon. Kx

  7. i love all of these photos! and what a wonderful plant at top:) good luck with the apartment is always exciting finding new places...

  8. Your space looks so neat and lovely - I couldn't believe it when you said that you sleep and work in the same room! My workspace is chaotic - perhaps that is why I battle to do things and finish projects. You have inspired me to clear up my study/studio!

  9. Ik heb nooit iets met cirkels gehad, ook niets met warme kleuren. Florence wel. En het slaat over. Wat vind ik de rode cirkels op zijde! mooi. Hele mooie post trouwens. Voor de zomer kan je ons een andere leefruimte tonen. Ik ben ervan overtuigd!

  10. I am organizing my fabrics this week too, well, more like unpacking them.
    goodluck in apartment searching! I hope you find something by the end of summer too!
    and I can't wait to see your top that you will finish!

  11. Your photos make everything look absolutely delicious Renilde-I so love coming by your blog for this very reason-(well not only obviously!)
    Annamaria xx

  12. i know what it is to be a dust eater... and now when i finally have much more room- i carry everything to my kitchen table so that it´s like a ship with a cargo.
    love your photos :)
    and yes, hope you find The apartment!

  13. I love each photo - really lovely.

  14. such great photos - there's something calm about them. But I guess living and working in the same room makes it hard to create them. Good luck with the search for a bigger apartment

  15. so lovely.
    yes, i'm completely resigned to work being on the dining table forever.