March 20, 2010

Some stripes.

Some more linen samples in plain weave; I sorted
out the striped ones for this post.
The crocheted detail is a cushion.
from the same series as Traditional Japanese Small Motif.
I will show more photos in another post.
Have a nice weekend everybody :-)


  1. You are so productive? How do you manage making so many things? Are the woven samples made on 4 shaft loom? Very nice!
    Have a good weekend too!

  2. to cucumber: I made the samples some time ago,
    they are not new. My loom has 12 shafts, these
    samples are plain weave, but I had spread the treads on different shafts because the linen was very sticky.
    I hope to weave again very soon :-)

  3. Hi Renilde. I'm a beginner to weaving. I did a very short course a while ago and have a loom that sits in the corner waiting to be used. I can't grasp how you made the samples. I asked someone about this type of work and I was told I would need at least 5 shafts. I have a long way to go...
    It's very inspiring looking at your work.
    Oh! Hope to see your new work.

  4. Love theese stripes, especially the blckandwhites and the crocheted one.
    It´s been ages since i last sat by
    the loom. It´s so much fun but time

    Have a great weeken too.

  5. So many beautiful examples of both stripes and weaving. I have a weakness for both.

  6. I love this! I hope you will share more soon!

  7. interesting and beautiful
    i´m your fan!