May 21, 2010

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving tomorrow at noon and I will take with
me: my sweetheart Arthur, Barbarella, Jean Valjean,
Marcel, the Elk, Ben & Eugène, Little Joe, Popo & Benny
and all the animals of the forest, even the Big Red one;
I'm taking too the animals of the dark room,
both the extincted and those who have existed
for a long time, everybody is coming with me, they
all meet at the birdhouse, except Little Joe, he's in my
pocket for he's too teeny-weeny:-)
( but brave! )

It's gonna be a tough day tomorrow, but at the end
a sunny and cosy house will welcome us :-)
Have a nice weekend everybody!

Bye, bye Garden :-)
( a red, green and white story )


  1. good luck with everything - many new adventures in your new home.

  2. hope your move will be smooth and fast!
    Happy new adventure with all your little creatures!
    ps: love the lipstick, you look like some actress of the 40's!

  3. to alessandra: the lipstick wasn't that red, but I manipulated the photo a bit to get that Hocus Pocus Doll Face :-)

  4. good luck with the move Renilde!
    your characters and stories are so endearing, i am looking forward to read what they will be up to in your new place x

  5. You have got a company like no one else. I looked at all of them. They are all sweethearts. What do they think about moving?

  6. Hope the move goes smoothly Renilde! Best wishes for your new home! You do look like a 1940s movie star in that photo, you know! :) Kx

  7. good good luck, dear renilde


  8. wishing you a good move!

    p.s.: you really look very glamourous with that lipstick. with you and little joe joining forces, the move should be easy-peasy. ;-)

  9. het is nu 12 na 12 ,nu zou je dus aan het slepen moeten zijn met allemaal dozen.

    misschien ben je net op adem aan het komen ergens tusen de 2e en 3e verdiep ... succes en sterkte !

  10. Veel succes met het verhuizen, ben er zeker van dat het een mooie nieuwe thuis gaat worden !

  11. veel geluk in je nieuw huis!

  12. Bye bye, and good luck! I hope you are back soon with all your friends to tell of the new place!

  13. Good luck with your move!!!

  14. happy moving to you and your litte friends!

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