December 03, 2010


Tree with unknown fruits in the park.

Nice interview with Morteza at Studio Fludd,
have a look at his blog too.

Happy weekend everybody.


  1. Beautiful photos as always Renilde... I love the top one :)
    Those Morteza paintings are amazing! Love them too. Kx

  2. such beautiful yellow in the first picture!

  3. Very beautiful cushion! And also love those drawings of Morteza!
    Thanks for showing.

  4. hmm, Mystery Fruits in the Mystery Tree..
    Have a good weekend you too!

  5. I'm intrigued by the mysterious fruits!
    happy weekend to you Renilde.

  6. Funny, I thought of you when I read Morteza's interview, I know you like his work :-)
    Hope you have a nice weekend Renilde.

  7. Ga zo het artikel lezen. Fijn weekend!

  8. I think the mysterious fruit is Kaki (that's how we call it here, I don't know if it's different in English). ;)

    I like your lovely photos of your work!

  9. Nice colours :)

  10. Paula Bauer9/6/14 5:25 AM

    The "unknown" tree is a Trifoliate Orange...bitterly unedible fruit absolutely filled with seeds that I saw in Texas (this tree shown has shed most of it's leaves for winter)...the fruit stay on the tree most of the winter...the smell is so wonderful and sweet yet refreshing...but the white flowers can fill the neighborhood with the intoxicating enchanting smell. Brought a single fruit back to 14 trees with 37 seeds half died in winter outside...half kept inside for winter lived. Also has nasty thorns but the plants stunted in their small pots always draw comments!