December 01, 2010

New cushion.

Do you remember that funny Big Lebowsky quote,
when The Dude says 'That rug really tied the
room together'? Well, since I have
hanged this embroiderie on the wall, I mean the dark
blue one with the soft orange shape, everything
started to crystallize in this place and from now on I'm
having a soft spot for oranges and indigos :-)

Anigozanthos or kangaroo paw.

Freezing cold but sunshine this morning.



  1. i love this and i love that you brought up that movie. i'm going to have to watch that again soon. it's a goodie. cold and windy but sunshine-y here too. happy fall! :::

  2. Het nieuwe kussen ziet er al mooi uit, vraag me echt af hoe je dat doet. Die vishandtas is echt geestig.

    trouwens, Martine zou het leuk vinden moest je ook naar haar Japan-reisverslag komt :). Ze weet alleen nog niet wanneer dat gaat zijn. Ik hou je op de hoogte.

  3. I do not know the quote and I am trying to imagine a rug tying up the room. It is a nice image.
    I like your orange spots.

  4. your blog makes me so happy. all of it is lovely. for reals.

  5. to Bohemian girl: I made a link, it's about the rug.

  6. Great quote and your rug looks so gorgeous :) Kx