December 17, 2010

This was my week.

I'm sorry I've been a bit absent lately, that's not
because I don't like blogging anymore, far from that :^)
the problem is, I still can't find any structure in my
day's schedule - in clear terms, I'm always running out
of time; that's probably also the reason why my
webshop isn't online yet, too bad.

So, this was my week:
finished two more mobiles, browsed into some nice books,
( these beautiful potteries from Nesrin During would go
very well on my new table :^) and got some very tasty
almond cookies from the people downstairs :)
Have a nice weekend everybody!
( in case you might be interested in a mobile, cushion
or pincushion, you can always email me, I'm sorry
for this inconvenience )
have a look at my flickr too


  1. You say that you do not have any structure in your day time but you managed to organize your flickr page nicely. I looked at everything and I like the paper trash a lot other than knitting, cats... oh, by the way, did these help you out with your mousy friend?

  2. One day, my dear friend Quimby didn't show up anymore, but that's ok, don't need to meet his entire family :^)

  3. It is so busy at the moment, isn't it? I have been struggling too - hope you get some clear space before you soon, Renilde :-) I would LOVE to order one of your mobiles - I think they are super ace! It will be after Christmas though... we all need a rest I think ;-) Hope you have a wonderful Xmas Renilde! K x

  4. Always nice to see your post. I do like these mobiles. I made a little cloud mobile earlier this week - just paper, but nice anyway.

  5. Renilde, I have complete faith that you will get everything done that you set your wonderful mind to. Structure is a tricky one - still not something I succeed at. My big goal for this year was to have my shop up and running before Christmas too - so disappointed, but I'm relaxed about it now. I think Christmas and New Year are often artificial deadlines we set for ourselves. I'm looking forward to seeing your shop when the time is right.

  6. Hey, I've been trying to open a shop for over a year too and it still isn't ready! Things have a way of sorting themselves out in time, I'm confident about that. OK to post some images of your beautiful mobiles?

  7. Dear Renilde, I'm sure once you'll find the time your shop will be great, as all the things you do.
    Do you remember the mistake I wrote in an email I sent to you a while ago? well after all perhaps it wasn't...weird,isn't it?
    I'm sure that wonderful things are just round the corner to happen for you!
    happy Xmas.

  8. thanks girls, I like to hear those couraging words, better stay relaxed :)

    to Kickcan and Conkers: that's ok :^)

  9. Renilde, your mobiles are so exquisite! I'm in love. And I hope you have some lovely time to yourself soon... it's always a good feeling. Can't wait for your shop to open. wowee - soooo exciting! K xo

  10. Ik kijk alvast uit naar je bijzondere winkeltje!