April 30, 2011

Hello :^)

I'm feeling kind of Sleeping Beauty; everything's
overgrown with Wisteria and Virginia Creeper, so
I have to cut back the leafage every other day,
but the light is gorgeous here; the pea embroiderie
is hanging in front of the window now.

That's me in the leafage, whooaah!

I've put some Cow Parsley in a vase, free and
for nothing.

Have a nice weekend everybody and thanks
for the sweet compliments on my previous post :^)


  1. And to you as well!
    I have to be careful with the
    window light... yesterday it
    melted a birthday candle and
    some chocolate. Poor things.

  2. I love these shadows :) Your garden is looking so happy, Renilde, and I really love Cow Parsley too, though I've never seen it here in Australia.
    That fabric is just gorgeous - where is that from? Happy weekend! We have a long weekend here for Labour Day and it's my wedding anniversary :) Kx

  3. enjoy the outdoors! the "free" flowers look gorgeous in that vase.

  4. hi Kylie, my parents had their wedding too on the first of May :)
    The fabric is a handpainted silk scarf; I was holding it against the window.

  5. Beautiful pictures :)


    weekendophold i København