April 04, 2011

Beautiful garden.

Great little garden in the centre of Antwerp.
Camellia's, a sweet-smelling viburnum,
a figue and magnolia tree and much more unknown
exotic species. Bliss :^)

Photo 2, 3 and 4 were taken at my place.


  1. I just found your blog. It is very nice with beautiful photos! very pretty.
    I will follow your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your world.

  2. Gorgeous photos Renilde :) Love that garden. Your dining table is looking very japanese ;) Hope you have a great week! Kx

  3. dear renilde, it's time to thank you for your wonderful blog again, i love to come here, its always inspiring and a so very welcome hideaway from my everyday stuff. i like your work/pictures/colors so much. julia

  4. de foto 's van jouw huis zijn ook lentefris! en de zwarte vlek op jouw vodje, daarin zie ik een 'dekenvrouw' van Berlinde de Bruyckere (niet wassen dus,...)

  5. love this series of pictures very much Renilde x

  6. Love the garden - and your place looks very beautiful as well.

  7. The interior looks very serene, too. I hope you have more pictures of the garden itself. Your description of it is very compelling, so much so that I'm imagining the smell of the trees and soil just by reading!