April 21, 2011

Three gardens.

The Wisteria blossoms are almost two weeks earlier
this year; as well as the mosquitos :)

A tea garden.
Otark project from April 20th
to May 7th at atelier solarschop; they make delicious
ice teas, candies, quiches etc...
I had a granita with lime and lavender :)
look here and here too

Marjan's garden.

Tomorrow again 25°C


  1. Ik ben er helaas niet meer geraakt vandaag, maar kreeg wel erg véél zin toen je me daarstraks vertelde over dat lavendel / limoen drankje. Mm, ga ik zeker eens uittesten !

  2. Gorgeous summer photos, Renilde :) I am so surprised you have mosquitos too! I don't associate them with the Northern Hemisphere at all... I think they've all left here and visited you for a while ;) Hope the good weather holds up. Kx

  3. Wow, mooi! Dat zomers vakantiegevoel overvalt me nu volledig: ik heb zelfs zin om terug af te zakken naar Antwerpen voor die 'tea garden' van Otark.

  4. I wish I could stay in this garden. It looks so romantic.
    greetings from Copenhagen Lisa grue