June 24, 2011

A mixed lot, part two

Thanks everybody for the nice words on my
previous post;
so, here's another mishmash :^)

have a nice weekend!

- viburnum flowers
- a portrait of me, taken by Frank when we
were at the MAS.
- at swim-two-birds labels
- my brother, sitting in the bathtub as ( drunk) King Caspar
on Epiphany night 1978
- Mounts Batok, Bromo and Semuru on my sewing box
- tomato, fennel and courgette in the oven


  1. This could become very addictive, you know ;) You've got me wanting to do my own 'mishmash' now! Love that photo of your brother - how cool. Kx

  2. whatever i find here is a delight! but yes, you could start a trend!

  3. ahhhh life get crazy doesn't it?

  4. I love your mish mashes. And how did you prepare that dish of tomato, fennel and courgette?

  5. to Magda: I trow everything in a ovenproof dish and cook it for about 30 min; I like to take a mix of cherrytomatos and tomato confit, pine nuts, olive oil, pepper&salt and dried herbs; when the dish is cooked I garnish with lots of basil or corander and a strong cheese.
    this is nice with pasta :^)