June 07, 2011

Comfort food.

I feel pretty rotten since last weekend; runny nose,
sore throat, coughing fits etc...
Instead of sticking to the healthy foods like kiwi fruit,
chicken soup and fresh vegetables ...
I had a Truffé Noir Orange Côte d'Or chocolate bar as breakfast
and for dinner this evening a pepper&salt Lay's SuperChips,
and of course lots of coca cola.

That's me in 1978 when I was in artschool; I remember
Pope Paul VI died that year and I also remember some
disco hits like Get Off and le freak c'est chic. :^)

I got the chocolate chicken from Veronik and the
marchmallow animals come from here.



  1. get well soon and eat whatever makes you feel better, even if it's just for the moment, that for sure will help as well!

    what a flamish beauty you are! i could easily imagine you with that typical white cotton cap and the wooden shoes...

    good night

  2. Gosh you look cute :)

    Get better soon!

  3. I loved Le Freak. I think Knock on Wood was a favorite during the same time period.

  4. i hope you feel better!!!
    being sick is so bothersome
    when im sick too, i always end up eating bad foods too. hahah
    its hard to stay away from sometimes

  5. I hope you feel better soon Renilde. I know what you mean about not doing the right things when sick - I always have too many ciggies ;) I think the addiction chemical convinces me it's the only thing that will make me feel better :( That photo of you is so gorgeous! Best advice: lots and lots of water - flush out the bugs :) Good luck! Kx

  6. ziek goed uit
    drink veel (gember)thee
    (dat helpt bij mij)
    verwen jezelf
    en chocolade
    altijd goed!

    en wat een prachtige, prachtige foto van jou

  7. Oh, Renilde, verzorg jezelf maar goed. heel herkenbaar trouwens, dat chocolade en chips verhaal.

  8. gek he, dat je net op zo'n moment grijpt naar dingen waar je nadien vaak nog misselijk van bent ook. Ik wil altijd alleen maar frieten eten als ik ziek ben. Veel beterschap.

  9. hope you feel better!

    i thought that the photo was from some black and white film,
    so you must be a film star!

  10. I really like those animals creations and especially the chocolate chiken :) Think that this is a relly tricky way to entertain kids with eatable animals figurs.

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