June 28, 2011

Some flowers.

Something weird happened with he ruccola; after the
first leave the sprouts stopped growing and started blooming from
one day to the next, but that's ok for me,
flowers are always welcome :^)

The white flower in the picture below is buckwheat,
the purple one is Phacelia.

I was also making a -pretty unstable- construction for the
sweat peas some time ago, but it survived the tonight's
thunderstorm, so that's also ok :^)

after a rainshower

blooming sage.

more photos in a next post!


  1. I would love to have them in my future garden :)

  2. i like your pots with buckwheat and purple flower! very lovely combination.
    glad you survived the storm.

  3. I love these photos, Renilde. Your garden is looking fabulous. Sweet peas are one of my favourites :) Kx

  4. I think that your ruccola started flowering because of the heat wave! but i've heard that you can actually eat the flowers (double check first). We had a thunderstorm yesterday all day almost, it was so weird, my tomatoes have lost all their flowers and I'm afraid that I won't see any tomatoes. Beautiful plants you have here!

  5. yes La Casita, I was going to say it must be hot there! Rucola is notorious for "bolting to seed" (flowering) when it's hot here, so we normally grow it in our temperate winter when it does much better. No snow in winter is good sometimes!
    Thanks for your lovely life photos Renilde xo

  6. thanks for the advice Alessandra & Marjee :)
    I will try again and place the pot in the shadow.
    the tomatoes are doing fine here, I'm sorry for yours Alessandra.

  7. Thanks Marjee and yes Renilde, I forgot to tell you to place the pots of your salads in a partial shade place (ideally early morning sun and then shade for most of the day) so rocket doesn't bolt and salads stay happy!
    Had some new tomatoes flowers today, but still heirlooms are not easy toms to grow!
    happy gardening and goodnite :)