January 20, 2014

Romanian point lace

I've got an interesting tip from a fellow blogger about the mysterious macramé crochet I was showing you a few posts earlier; actually it is very well known in Romania and is called Romanian point lace.
You can find every information about this technique here and many tutorials how to make the cord here
thanks for the tip Ana :^)

the droplet above is the only thing I've ever made in this technique so far, but there are also parts of the embroidery below that are very similar to Romanian point lace, such as the padding of the black leaf and the figure in the bottom center; both are examples of a crocheted border that is filled with needle lace,
for larger pics, please visit my flickr pages

the bottom pic is an illustration from Anna and
Eppo behind the chicken wire feeding the chickens

hope your weekend was Top!


  1. everything is so delicate and cute.

  2. lovely! i'd love to see you do something more with it. i posted something very similar in a V&A post the other week. wonder if it is the same technique/origin.

  3. that's amazing! is the sampler yours?

  4. oh Renilde, these samples are so beautiful and I too hope you get to do more embroidery soon...

  5. wat een fijne post
    zo mooi en vol inspiratie
    ik hou van deze 'niet' kleuren
    passend bij de somberte buiten


  6. What delicate beauty! I'm so happy you discovered and shared this hidden form of crochet. Thank you. Look forward to seeing more as you learn these techniques.

  7. i love your photographs so much..