January 13, 2014

some random images

I like the Borges quote on the wall, saying
'Nobody knows whether the world is realistic or fantastic, that is to say, whether the world is a natural process or whether it is a kind of dream, a dream that we may or may not share with others'
middle gate
the expo runs until Januari 19

seen in a book on minerals, dinodress girl holding giant blocks of quartz

good night & sweet dreams!


  1. It's a beautiful quote. Good night!

  2. life is but a dream....yes, one does wonder sometimes.

    p.s., looking forward to seeing more of your macrame crochet (maybe that's what's in my V&A post this week, hmmm).

  3. thank you!
    to Mlle: I will do a blogpost later this week, I'm still looking for the crocheted strings.
    the V&A piece looks very needle point to me, a bit of a three dimentional version; very nice!

  4. Oh, very inspiring, dear Renilde!
    It opens new horizons... thank you :)

    xo Ariane.