January 09, 2014

macrame crochet

I wanted to show you these images for I have only seen this technique once, namely in Anna, a craft magazine that my mom bought regularly in the nineties;
the technique is called macrame crochet, but is has nothing to do with macrame actually
the outlines of the figures are crocheted and the padding is some kind of needle lace, but with fairly thick thread
in the picture below you can see two examples of such string; I had made more but couln't find them today, so I will show them in another post together with my first attempt to fill in a figure, but don't expect too much!

making new potholders :)


  1. I love your potholders. I have one of my own, and bought 3 others for family and friends who adore them as well. Discovered them through Hiki's store, Uguisu! Big fan of your work... :)

  2. o, wat mooi
    ik ken dit helemaal niet

    maar waar ik het meest blij van werd
    zijn de eerste drie foto's
    wat een prachtige sfeer en kleur
    vergrijsd blauw/groen


  3. I have to say that this is funny, because in Romania this kind of macrame it's such an usual thing...for my generation it's hard to see them, since they where a normal decoration in every house,on top of TV, on the living room table and almost everywhere else.

  4. thank you all :)

    to ana: yes that's funny :) we to have a lot of this kind of decoration, but the majority are crocheted doilies and sometimes lace. how do they call this technique in Romania? cause I would love to google it :)

  5. WoW!! What a great find! I love it, Renilde, and can't wait to see more :) Kx

  6. I have also kind of wanted to learn to do something like that, but oh man.. i must admit i just simply don´t have a patience for that kind of stuff. I can hardly knit, so maybe better to stay in that. Or maybe when i´m 70 something and already so wise and calm and progressed a bit with my patience...?