July 11, 2010

For Al, a white story.

I stay at home in my underwear and try to cool
down by sticking my head under the shower,
or in the kitchensink from time to time; that's
where a have met Al for the first time.
I dedicate this poem to him for he died from a broken
toe , unable to hunt anymore.
These images came popping up in my head after an almost
sleepless night, they only needed some editing to give
them sense, I think the poem is done now;
you might recognize some images of Dante's
famous Inferno and other stuff, but I guess that is
what automatic writing is, a mix of impressions and
thoughts, as in a dream.

here we go :-)



  1. you know what.. you take great photos:)

  2. gelukkig was er de hitte die deze dromerige woorden over ons liet stromen

  3. hetzelfde aan deze kant van de 'lijn': in ondergoed en met open deur naar de douche :)
    De hitte heeft een goede invloed op jouw brein!

  4. Hope it gets cooler for you soon Renilde :) Kx

  5. It took me a while to recognize you in the first photo...stunning!
    This post if full of grace...thank you, it's good for the soul!

  6. Nice one, Reinhilde

    It's so hard to do write something that's actually dreamlike, with your consciousness steering your thoughts whenever you're awake.

    But I think you succeeded wonderfully in conserving the imagination dreams are made of.

    Kisses from Berlin,

  7. one can nearly hear the melody, it really fits the hot weather. great photo!

  8. I keep coming back to this post, as it is smile-inducing. Wunderbar!

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