October 02, 2011


I'm crazy about grasses lately, so I bought some for the terrace,
dreaming of a prairie garden, ha!
Those on the photo were picked in Hoboken polder, I've put
them in a vase, together with some thousand-leaf and
chocolate cosmos from the flowerbed.

( there's also a pigeon on the roof :)

Mieke & the funny mushroom :^)

The weather was wonderful last couple of days, 27°C
so I was sitting on the terrace doing some crochet; this one is with
soft pinks and creams, a few blues and a fluo orange spot
in the right corner; I'm planning to make one more with
one fluo green spot.

2,000 Year Old Food Forest in Morocco


  1. colours in the grasses are so pretty.

  2. I like your blog very much! both text & pictures are always fine and poetic.

  3. lovely. the flowers in the first photo are nice!

  4. chocolade cosmea!
    die heb ik dit jaar gemist
    ik had er een en
    ondanks dat ik deze er niet uithaalde voor de winter, zoals het hoort, kwam hij elk jaar terug
    behalve dit jaar dus
    volgend jaar een nieuwe zetten
    want oh wat zijn ze mooi en
    wat ruiken ze goed