October 13, 2011

My bedroom.

I'm very into soft pinks and nudes lately and...

this is my favourite blouse and...

this my favourite scarf
I really need to clear out the bedroom, later maybe :^)
My wardrobe some time ago.

Issue 3 of Making Do is about
creating a new planet.
I've bought mine in Brussels, but you can order the zine here.
There's also this funny video.

Dark Moon mobile.

Thank you all for the sweet words on my previous post :)


  1. I'm into pale pinks and nudes lately too! It's such a soft beautiful colour, isn't it? Every time I have a wardrobe throw-out I regret throwing something away... makes me scared of doing it ;) LOVE your Dark Moon mobile! Kx

  2. love the colours of your bedroom.

  3. my wardrobe basically has mostly pale pinks and nudes and greys and blacks, so little fantasy! but i love those colours so much.your scarf is AWESOME, your blouse it's something i could wear too and your mobiles....ahhhh you know what a big fan am i!
    i have a rule with my clothes: if i don't wear for a year in a row, they must go to someone who will surely wear it and enjoy it. that makes things quite easy and i never regret it.

  4. i like that pile of clothes there.
    looks a bit similar like here, except i don´t have as nice colors on the pile like you:)
    and that dark moon mobile is really cool!

  5. Im mad for the dusky pinks too right now, just found a fabric store that has them as well. May I ask what brand the blouse is? the bow detail is such a pretty touch.

  6. i was just talking about how much i really like pink today. my favorite pink is soft and also antique pink.
    i even get attracted to pink food too, like strawberry yogurt, pink cake, etc...☺
    sometimes i even wonder if its ok to wear pink with my age...but can't help it..
    lets enjoy pink ♡