October 30, 2011

New dress :^)

I bought a new dress last weekend;
there's also a belt in the same fabric, but I think that's a bit
too much, maybe the one on the picture is ok, just need to
find the other half... somewhere :^)
The shadows on picture 1&3 come from my geranium; I think
a dress with a print like that would be nice, almost a landscape.



  1. Gorgeous fabric Renilde! I love that kind of shadowy patterning too :) You should take a pic of yourself wearing it. Kx

  2. looks like palm trees! and would make a lovely pattern. you should do it. dress is lovely too

  3. hi kylie, I will ask mieke to take a picture of me in that dress :)

  4. this year i worked on a plant shadow print for a fashion company - they didn´t like it and went with something different. but i´m still dreaming of a dress with something like this on it... your cushion is so pretty!