October 05, 2011

Millefleurs & more treasures.

For some time I've planned to make a series of embroideries
on the theme 'Gardens', inspired by the famous millefleurs
tapestries - meaning thousand flowers - which were woven here
in Flanders in the Middle Ages.
The best known and also my favourite are the
' Lady and the Unicorn' tapestries in the Museé de Cluny in Paris,
really wonderful!

But so far, this project's only a fantasy, something for later, when
I will have oceans of time, maybe :)
So, in the meantime, I've made this temporary Thousand Flowers carpet,
or better Trash Carpet from the treasures I've found on my walks
or here at my house, including a core of a pear and a plum stone.
And after this playtime, I trew everything in a bowl and then in
the dustbin.

note: Mille Fleur is also a breed of Belgian chicken :^)
and the best bay boletes have the size of a champagne cork!

Goodnight & Sweet Dreams :)

( you can doubleclick on the photos for more detail )


  1. ah Renilde your stories are always so amusing :)
    Beautiful tapestry (I saw it ages ago in Paris).

  2. What a gorgeous idea Renilde! I can't wait till you have the time for this project. Meanwhile, I'm loving your photo dreams :) Kx

  3. That is a beautiful arrangement of found flowers, plants etc!
    Very poetic...

  4. wat een prachtige collectie! jouw project is dit ook. ik hoop voor jou dat je ook met een verzameling van kleine beetjes tijd aan dat nieuwe werk kan beginnen

  5. het eerste beeld is prachtig!

  6. sounds perfect!
    i think i know what you mean by oceans of time :)

    love the light b&w photo too!

  7. het zal zeker een heel mooi project worden

  8. this is such a lovely post Renilde. we should all have a fantasy project that we shall work on when we finally get oceans of time!

  9. Sounds like a really beautiful idea.

  10. i so love your blog- water hyacinths, toads and unicorn tapestries! in new york city we have unicorn tapestries at the cloisters museum in inwood.

  11. On my walks, I pick little treasures like you...
    Probably a legacy of my childhood during which I tried "gem" in the cornfields...

  12. supermooie beelden! en dat tapijt, wat een ontdekking!