July 14, 2009

About silkpainting.

Sorry for the delay, but i suddenly felt so sleepy
the other night that i had to quit abruptly.
O.k. here we go.

This is an example of a 'normal' silkpainting.
That means, after the silk was stretched on a
frame, i made the outlining with hot wax and
coloured it in with silkpaint.
That's the procedure.

As soon as i had mastered the technique a bit,
the main priority for me was to find a way of
avoiding the white outlining because of the wax.
If you don't make this wax-contour, the paint
will keep flowing out till it's dry.
Of course there's a way of preparing the silk
and paint on it as you do on paper, but for
this design i wanted large fields of solid colour;
you never get that effect on prepared silk.
The described method here is not 'secret' or
'sophisticated' but a laborious way of silkpainting
invented by a maniac (me), who doesn't like white

I'm taking this target to illustrate 'My Way' :)

first i marked out the white with two wax circles
and painted the brown centre and the background.
After the paint was dry i waxed the outside circle...

and i washed out the background colour.

Here you can see how i draw with the wax, because
it keeps flowing you may never stop, so i 'm making
little loops when following the contour of the circle,
it was not my intention to colour the background.

After i washed it out, i applied the red, waited again
till it got dry, than made another wax circle. If you
look closer, you can see that i made the loops in the
red area.
I applied the black over the red without washing
it out, but very economical ...

This is the effect after steaming when there's
too much paint on the fabric.
So that was it, if i was not clear enough, you
can always ask for more details.
These are my gadget for the wax contours.
i have also a mini deep fryer, somewhere ...
couldn't find it.

Have a closer look at my tjanting.


  1. your way of blogging is just perfect!
    it is somehow good to wait for the explanation of your advanced technique, imperfection within perfection is the best!

  2. Ha ha, it is funny that you see it like that, but the truth is that a felt suddenly terribly tired while posting, and then to make it worser, i realized that i stil had to wash my hair. see you this evening:)

  3. I see it like that too....a little suspense is wonderful.

  4. This is just amazing, Renilde! I cannot imagine having the patience for all the waxing + I love the way you make it work your own way :) Great tutorial too! K

  5. Your gadget looking great!