July 20, 2009

Summerhouse, dreamhouse...

I'm still finishing off some cushions from the
wintercollection.:) They all need a thick lining,
otherwise they change into a sausage under
your bottom. It's a dull and messy job, and my
place is becoming far to smal to contain all my stuff.
I'm cramped for space and I feel like drowning
in my own mess sometimes. It's another world
than the one i'm showing on the blog!

Dreaming about my perfect and spacious
atelier when seeing all those frightening increasing
materials is the only way to calm down.
This is my fool's paradise:

There will be Six Huge Tables in my atelier.
One for every hobby :)

I can watch the birds singing in the crowns becau-
se my workplace will be on the first floor.

I also need some huge, Japanese style sliding
doors etc... etc... :)


  1. I love the tapestry in the first photo,
    your dream atelier will be so pretty

  2. ooooh, mijn kussen :) !!! wou ook dat jij een groot atelier had, zou zo mooi en goed zijn!! heel mooie post. ooit renilde, ooit!!!

  3. May your wishes realise- soon, soon, soon! I wish for a large computer with photoshop! (I have been using a tiny notepad, and eventhough it is pink, and I do marvel at all it can do!, I would really love to have a lovely big one (still pink) with a few cool programms to do some designing with!

  4. Hope your dream will be true. Love what I see here.

  5. hope your dream comes true very soon, I too wish for a little studio of mine where i can gather all my mess x

  6. Oh Renilde! Your cushion is just divine!! Love it so much and the photos and styling you've done for your dream atelier... *sigh*... so very gorgeous. Such beauty deserves an atelier of its own I say... hope that happens one day :) K

    p.s. thank you so much for your lovely comments - I'm sorry the English was a bit full-on ;)

  7. That´s my dream to! Wish it comes true, for both of us...

  8. oooh, I understand you very well..until last year I was sewing all day in my bedroom, with pieces of fabric and thread in the way (and they always stick to my clothes/socks, I think you know what I mean...), now I luckily have a pretty big room reserved for the stuff I make...I am still looking for the perfect closet for all my fabric...I hope you'll manage to find the solution of your dreams!
    uh, and...I like so much your stuff and your taste for color :)

  9. your post made me happy:)

  10. So relating! I dream of a lovely, inspiring, clean and organized studio space. That cushion is positively stunning. I REALLY adore your work! xo

  11. I love your little collages - of fragile things to be handled with care, and houses made of ties (I first thought it was Japanese origami paper!) and dreams of 6 tables. My study/studio is also overflowing with materials: on my desk, stuffed in the cupboard, in boxes under the desk, now also baskets on the floor, and finally I balanced a long piece of wood over the armrests of the sleeping couch to make a second desk. Oh, I so know what you are going through ...
    PS I agree that the snail is quite indecisive; in fact, he ended up close to where he started the night before, which reminds me of that poem by TS Eliot ...

  12. I, too, am dreaming of a beautiful, inviting workspace. Right now I share the basement with the washer and dryer. Whenever I hear about dream rooms for women, I always think of Virginia Woolf. May your dream be realized quickly, easily and perfectly!

    PS It's reassuring to know such your beautiful work comes from a challenging work space. Gives me hope for my challenging work space!

  13. I hope your dreams come true for you!! Your photos and your work is very beautiful!

    I hope you don't mind I linked back to you on my blog today. I wanted to share your beautiful work with my Australian readers.

    Fingers crossed for your dreams to come true very soon!!

  14. beautiful dreams/works/houses :-))

  15. My goodness your work is so intricate and lovely! You must be a very patient person to complete all of those French knots! I look forward to seeing your studio with six tables some day.