July 23, 2009

Night, day and night again.


This is my kitchen table, i often sit here to do
some sewing or needlework. I'm living on the
second floor but I have a nice outlook over the
neightbour's garden ; my window takes
up almost the entire wall. I better say 'i had', because
yesterday some people were trimming the garden.
They removed the only tree and many bushes.
Almost nothing's left.
I think i was a bit in a shock yesterday, couln't con-
centrate on my work anymore.
I bought this bunch of flowers for cheering me up.
Life goes on.
I think i'll sew me a nice curtain next week
and hope the birds keep coming.:)

And night again.:-)


  1. hee renilde, ik denk ook dat je in shock was gisteren. je zou voor minder. dat is echt echt erg. ik moest ook bijna huilen toen ze de buitenkant van mijn ramen donkergrijs schilderden (die waren eerst wit). is echt lelijk als ik ze open zet. die foto van je keukentje is wel heel mooi. mooi licht ook! morgen zie ik je huisje weer, leuk!!!

  2. Oooh that is so sad! It is so hard when neighbors chop down trees. It completely changes a perspective from a little window . That happened to my sister a while ago, she planted a window box ful of lush flowers to make up for all the missing greenery. xo (wishing you some pretty curtains and I am so sorry about the tree) xo

  3. I meant 'full' not 'ful' of lush flowers...
    (I must be sleepy)

  4. Oh Renilde! I do know how you feel - that's awful! We had some massive trees across the road from us (there's an ugly box of a house there now). When they cut them down it was like losing something very special. Good luck with your curtains, but such a shame you have to do this. K

  5. a sad story today. maybe you should put some plants on the window sill to cheer up the view?
    i remeber when they cut the tree in front of my school i was almost crying in the classroom singing to myself "auprès de mon arbre".
    hope you feel better soon. greens of nature are so important in life.

  6. first of all i have to say i enjoy very much reading your blog and seeing your photos:)

    i think it`s very important to see something green from your window. i had a beautiful green climber plant climbing up on the walls of the opposite house, i saw it from the kitchen window. one day somebody cut it down, said it`s damaging the walls.
    i didn`t get it at all..