July 04, 2009

Balls and cirkels

I have a more than ordinary liking for balls and
cirkels :), don't remember when this fondness
turned up or where it comes from, fact is that i
love looking at cirkels, moving discs and balls.
I can watch a mobile as if it was a movie:) ,
never get bored.
The photo up here is a detail of my silk scarf,
i painted it years ago but the colour's still bright
and the fabric intact.
That's because silk is an extremely strong fibre,
only spidersilk is stronger, but i'm really horrified
about these animals, so i would't dream of using
their 'product' and besides, it is far too expensive.
So, this is my scarf and i'm lucky cirkels never go
out of fashion, because it seems i will never go
through this one.

I already posted this mobile about two months
ago when i was in my bed, at this moment i'm
on the floor. You can also see this one in the

My favourite IKEA mobile, he's dirty and
dotted with little black fly-stains from age,
but i hope he will keeping up for some time.

Another silk painting in my favourite motif.

I planned three movies for this post, first
Marcel Duchamp's 'anémic cinéma' from 1926,
Than my long-awaited 'il dolce far niente', i got
help from a friend to convert it and putting it
on you tube, but it is a qualitative very bad movie.
Likely i recorded it in a wrong format, but ok,
this is the left-over, enjoy it.
And for ending a horror spider movie.


  1. renil,
    is dat nen echte spinnekop?
    groetjes, Christine

  2. Love circles too! Something just so special about them :)
    Thanks for this. Kylie

  3. what a great post about balls and circles and how lovely they are! creative

  4. balls, circles, spots and dots are my favourite patterns too! Those two silk painting scarfs kind of have a bit of japanese feel to them i think somehow. Lovely :)

  5. Oh, I love your silk scarf! How did you paint on silk fabric?? It looks like they're done in digital print... They looks so beautiful !!

  6. to Anna and Kylie thanks for your nice words.
    to Hiki, you are right they look a bit Japanese, when i painted these i had no particular Japanese design in mind, but i do love Japanese woodcut and kimono and movies of course:)
    To Natsumi, i did it with hot wax, but because i don't like the white lines afterwards, i did something more complicated, it is difficult to explain, but i have more silkpaints to show and then i will show the process. Thank you for your interest:)

  7. je langverwachte post is weer heel bijzonder. leuke filmpjes ook, alleen die met die spin heb ik meteen moeten wegklikken, anders zou ik slecht dromen. see you tomorrow! hopelijk ben ik niet rood (zonnebank)!!

  8. he mieke, en wat met de sproetjes?

  9. hihi, dat zal je morgen zien. heb de gelaatsbrander op zn minimum gezet! ik denk niet dat ik verbrand ben, en ik hoop niet dat ik meer sproeten heb!

  10. ok, your posts are getting even more sophisticated!

    I liked you little film a lot and especially the sound, summer for me is swallows shouting and i love not so narrative films
    and the silkpaintings are superperfect like everything you do, not only the technique, the colours, the objects, everything...
    and is it really possible one can get spider silk?

    despite your arachnophobia you might like this artists work: http://www.ninakatchadourian.com/uninvitedcollaborations/spiderwebs.php

    can't wait to see more of the silkpaintings you did and maybe the secret technique with it

    best A

  11. oh! net na het bekijken van de spinnenfilm wandel ik de stock in om een theekopje te halen en kom ik oog is oog te staan met een hele grote lelijke spin! in de kop! ik heb plots geen zin meer in een thee..
    ik tril er nog van op mijn benen.
    mooie post. x veronik

  12. ja ja Veronik, de vleesgeworden horror. Waarschijnlijk ga je er vannacht nog van dromen:). Heb je dat telefoonnummer nog op tijd gehad? X

  13. to A: yes it is possible to 'milk' a spider, don't ask me how they do it.But for a piece of fabric to make 1 dress, you need 5000 spiders, working all their life, besides, they are predators, so they eat eachother, what is of course contra productive. But it is true, spider silk is an extremely strong material, stronger than steel. I red once in the newspaper that a pencil thick strand of silk could stop a Boeing 747 in flight.
    They make parachutes and helmets of it and fishing nets. Nice you liked sounds, dat was my original intention. I hope their will follow more movies and of better quality.
    You can read about spidersilk on Wikkipedia.

  14. Oh, and thanks a lot A! for the tip you gave me, this mended spiderweb series is amazing!!!!
    Love the do-it-yourself spierweb repair kit.

  15. Have you ever encountered the work of Yayoi Kusama? : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq0LXh3sais

  16. to anonymous: yes i know her, but i forgot her name. She was in the Middelheim Open Air Museum in 1989 with the Biënale of Japan. I was attendant that summer and i was sitting next to her dotted boat for some time. Many visitors stumbled over the paddles.

  17. hei tante nild, ik denk da die spin me een gewronge windje zit!toch grappig om te zien tante zje