July 11, 2009

Sweet yellow and red story

My ultimate summer vacation feeling is
basically formed in my early childhood.

It depends on the quantity of cherries...

and sunshine. If possible Eternal Sunshine
Summer is also connected with my favourite
noises and sounds from my youth,
such as...

the sound of the very first fly, coming into the
kitchen, the quarreling sparrows all over the
place, the Tour de France on tv, the sawmill
nearby my grandparents place, the screaming
swallows in the sky, all these noises are recorded
in my brain forever.

But i'm telling this story in red and yellow, because
when i was a kid, i had some very rigid and
dogmatic ideas about colour. Such as: yellow
added with bleu turns into green, and if you
want again the bleu you have to add some
more yellow:). And also: red and yellow clash with
each other. Never!!!!!!!!!! use them together!

I remember one day there was 'klein ,klein,
kleuterke' on tele, a children's programme
hosted by Tante Terry and her squirrel 'Kraakje'
She managed to encourage the children
in the studio to combine vivid colours in their
drawings, such as r&y because they match so
perfectly together... Why grow to maturity if
an adult person could tell such nonsens in front
of the whole of Flanders!!!!!!!

Anyway, i'm less fundamental concerning
this matter nowadays, as you can see, i even have put
my cherries into a yellow dish:)
And the yellow and red are dangerously close
together on the pillow i'm working on.


i feel sorry for all the other flies and
mosquitos that have come after the
very first one of depriving them from
there tiny places under the sun :( FIN.


  1. haha wat een grappig verhaal over kleine renilde. nu ben je beter met kleur. hele mooi post. vooral de foto van je keuken is heel erg mooi!

  2. heb je de close-up van de vlieg gezien?

  3. ja, maar wel goed dat je die foto zo groot gehouden hebt als je erop klikt, anders zou ik het niet gezien hebben. heel leuk!!! ontdekte ook pas heel laat het hartje tussen de twee muizenkoeken een hele tijd geleden!

  4. heerlijk!
    en nu jullie toch over details bezig zijn, die onderste kers in het midden lijkt op een pinokkiohoofdje...

  5. This is so gorgeous :) Love your memories of summer. I could hear the Tour de France on our TV in the background as I read your post and it was really quite surreal! Thanks for this - a big smile :)) Kylie x

  6. waauw, magisch hoe je die geluiden beschrijft, heel herkenbaar.
    voor mijn zeefdrukken gebruikte ik ook rood en geel! en toen ik nog zwart eraan toevoegde werd ik al helemaal beschaamd, de belgische driekleur! tot ik voor mezelf moest toegeven dat het wel werkte. leuke post!

  7. Great summertime memories...you've got me going now on my own memory lane...thanks, I needed to slow down abit.

  8. Hi!! i just found your blog and i love it!! im a fashion designer and im in love with embroideries, fabrics etc...

  9. your blog is very nice.

  10. Love this post! That video and your thoughts are so adorable. xo

  11. I recently discovered your blog and now check it daily. Your aesthetic sense is so similar to mine and the needlework that you do is so wonderful: simple and profound and gorgeous. It's what I would hope to do if I were doing needlework. By the way, red and yellow are quite wonderful together. I once hated them together, but over time have changed my mind. In fact, I've learned that anything I currently think I hate, I can almost count on it being something I will later swoon over!

  12. my son asked me the other day. "when making green mum, do you add blue first or yellow first?"

    AND I base a good Christmas day on the quality of cherries, because here summer is in December and they are perfectly red for Christmas time.

  13. jouw gele woorden insprireerden me tot een blogbericht vandaag.

  14. I love those summer sound memories, and the colour discovery! Enjoyed your blog very much.

  15. thanks to everybody for all these nice comments, it is very encouraging!