April 01, 2010

All Fools' Day.

This is not an April Fools' joke :-), I got that fortune
cookie from Mieke some weeks ago, but I waited
till today to bring this message into the open, I
want it to work!
But I'm not complaining, I had a fine day, apart
from the fact that I felt a bit flu-ish.
The grey cushion is my favourite so far, love these
bright colors on the soft greenish-grey ground,
the yellow spot is almost fluo and the green in
the middle is metallic like a beetle, too bad that
I couln't catch the right colours, maybe i should buy
a solid camera instead of my automatic toy, or
learn photoshop...

I was also working on another yellow one, hope
to finish it before the weekend.
By the way, I can be madly in love with my table
sometimes :-)

Happy April everybody!


  1. what a great message you got!
    i love these cushions.
    ps: went to the post office today, something is on your way...:)

  2. happy april to you miss renilde !
    I LOVE that yellow ....oooooohhhhhh

  3. wordt zeker een happy april voor jou!

  4. wow these are so cool, have never seen anything like it. Really lovely!
    Happy April!

  5. ah one day when prosperity comes my way I'll buy one of your cushions for myself -)

  6. happy egg hunting van het weekend :)

  7. happy april - i hope your cookie message comes true! :-)

  8. Happy April Renilde! Your cushions are fabulous. That yellow is my favourite :-)

  9. i am in love with your table now too
    happy april to you

  10. Happy April and enjoy your Easter weekend!

  11. i like those colors in your cushion, very beautiful.
    and i´m also dreaming af a new camera, maybe something with more options than this toy what i have at the moment..

    happy easter for you!

  12. I like your table, too. Lots of fun things to work with there. I do hope you find that success this month!

  13. dear renilde,
    me too can be so madly in love with my table sometimes


    and and yellow is one of my favorite colors, it's so fulled of spirits and energy !

  14. Wow - beautiful cushions! Yes, may prosperity (and good health) come your way in April. Oh, what the heck, let's make it the whole year round!

  15. hei Renild,ik wil wel eens horen hoe je die krulletjes maakt,ze zijn mooi,
    en voor jou ook gefeliciteerd met je
    groottante of klinkt dat te overdreven,zo ver zijn we nu al hé! groetjes zjé

  16. happy april
    happy easter
    happy everything!

    yes, madly in love with a table or two!

  17. hé zjé, ik ben je emailadres kwijt, wil je nog eens een mailtje sturen?
    Ben morgen en maandag in Poederlee, als je wil leer ik je die haaksteek dan.

  18. I'm not surprised... I'm madly in love with your table too! :) Such a beautiful cushion - I love the colours. I'm sure your fortune cookie will come true... don't they say good things come to those who wait?? ;) Happy Easter! Kx