April 28, 2010

The beans etc...

The beansprouts grow like hell, I'm afraid that is
because they need more sunlight; should I take
the risk to put them outside in bigger containers?
They say untill half May there's chance of night frost :-(

When you have a closer look, you can see tiny sprouts
of sunflower together with the beans, to save place.

The beans are coming out, one week ago!


Hollyhock on the left corner.
I need to move very urgently, these plants
need light & space!!


  1. can you put them in larger containers, but bring them in for the night for a week or two, that is called hardening off, is it not? and it's a good thing to do so the plants get used to being outside and become hardy! they all look like fine specimens! tomorrow, i have to re-sow my sweetcorn as none of the first lot germinated.

  2. Yes, you are right Nath, but the problem is that I'm not living yet in my new place, so when I bring them out I'm not always in the occasion to bring them in for the night.
    But I think I'm gonna take that risk; these beans will never survive like this anyway.
    Thanks for your advice :-)

  3. Nath is right, but don't panic you can leave them inside a couple of weeks more, next time instead of plastic cups use toilet paper cardboard roll so you don't need to touch the roots but just transfer as it is on the new location or even better newspaper pot.
    it seems to me that they are doing fine!
    I'm so happy that the seeds are good and organic and homegrown!
    pop at my place there's an award for you :)

  4. I like your window sill! I don't get to do any gardening this year, I miss it so much. It is so fulfilling to take care of plants! I love spring!

  5. I'm afraid I have no gardening experience to offer Renilde but you did make me giggle with your comment - 'grow like hell' means they grow very well and quickly! ;) he he Good luck with finding a good spot for them :) Kx

  6. your sprouts look great - i have been trying to grow some grass for my cat to eat, but it has been over a week and nothing is happening. :(

  7. Wijsheid van mijn opa: geen plantjes uitzetten voor moederdag. Ik heb wel vaak die wijsheid over boord gegooid. Misschien hadden we die jaren uitzonderlijk geen nachtvorst.
    Ik denk dat het geen kwaad kan om in potten te planten, dat het gevaar meer schuilt in uitplanten in volle grond.
    Ik vind het ook zalig om de zaadjes te zien groeien.

  8. I don't know about the bean sprouts but the hollyhock will need more space soon. Too bad you cannot just leave them on your window sill, they look so pretty there :^)

  9. yay !!!! for seeds ....seems we are all mad at it !
    what a wonderful time of the year , now I would like some of your lovely seedlings renilde , they always looks o lovely .
    I hope that you enjoy your new home (sure you will )

  10. your garden is lovely!

    ive also started a collection of seeds in old yoghurt containers but no sprouts yet, waiting patiently!