April 20, 2010

Everything is ok.

Do you remember this one?
It arrived with the post this morning,
all the way from Iran :-)
So much beauty&delicacy meeting together on
this little box; the magic inside is saying:
' Everything is ok! '
Could be some kind of a spell, no?

By the way,seems that my table was waiting for
this little box to come, they match perfectly :-)

Morteza Zahedi.


  1. love your blog! and hope everything really is o.k. when that message is coming from iran it carries a little more weight, and questions, than it might coming from other places.

  2. Wow.

    So, so beautiful. It radiates off the screen!

  3. wow wow wow that is one magical little box !!!!!!

    good morning, dear renilde
    i wish you a very nice day today


  4. Such a beauty...wow, so poetic and very exotic. And the words inside, like a secret code. Love it.

  5. oh this is so poetic !
    I have been away and have enjoyed catching up with your posts renilde
    always so personal and true
    thanks x

  6. this is adorable! love the magic inside x

  7. Oh my, poetic and lovely yes.

  8. Oh, prachtig. Dat je dit in huis haalt! Fantastisch werk van die man. Waar komt het te pronken in je nieuwe stek?

  9. This is not ok, it's PERFECT!!!

  10. great box! I am sure you'll store beautiful things in it!

  11. Oooooooooh,schoooooon!!!!!zjé

  12. to tell you the truth, first i thought it was done by you :) they really match!

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