April 21, 2010

Reparation day.

I had to carry out some repairs today, you know,
the usual stuff, sewing on some buttons, replacing a zipper
that doesn't work anymore etc... not really exciting.
Too bad this gorgeous 1950 sewing storage is not mine,
I saw it by accident on aapc today,
you can have a bid if you like on ebay and
see more photos.
Isbells was on the radio, love this song :-)
Another cushion.


  1. errug mooi, maar ook errug duur het jaren 50 kastje.

  2. love all here :)
    isbells (sigh) ...I hear such beauty in that song ....can I hear middle eastern influences too ?
    love to see your seeds , such a hopeful image

  3. ha I feel I need to repair myself tomorrow! ie. do a lot of nothing, and some washing :)

  4. I always like the pictures of your home (the sewing storage would fit perfectly...).

  5. what a fantastic sewing storage...can't wait to see more of your new home :)

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