April 10, 2010

The walled garden.

I made these pictures last night, just for the fun,
I had no intention to post them on this blog; I do it
quite often, a few shots before sleeping;
in general they turn out very bad because of the
artificial light, so, most of the time I remove these
late night shots immediately.
But these have a certain atmosphere, also
because of the heavy shadows, actually I like them :)
I've got the Nara postcardbook from a friend,
the title is : 'oh! my god! I miss you.'

The mysterious black hole is a lithograph from the time
I was an art student, long time ago then.
No need to say I feel less dark nowadays, so I
baptized the hole ' Walled Garden' :-)

Have a nice weekend!


  1. these are great - the light & shadow is really interesting

  2. Love this set of photos and your table.
    ...time makes us softer isn't it?
    goodnight have a nice sunday.

  3. love your photos ~ it's such a great book.
    your pieces are interesting too!

  4. you too, have a nice weekend, dear renilde


  5. These are great photos - I'm glad you left them here :) Kx

  6. night shots can be intriguing. and interesting. looks like a wonderful piece of art there, on your wall...

  7. I love his art work too! These are great shots! I don't really take photos in the evening because I don't like to use artificial light but your photos came out great! Maybe I will try it too..

    ps. I have tagged you on my blog. Please check it out when you have a moment. xo